Steps For Packing Electronics When Moving

Here in this article is a step-by-step guide on packing up electronics. It isn’t difficult but will

require time and patience to properly label all your plugs and wires to make sure you can set up

everything in your new home quickly and easily without worrying about anything being damaged

or broken during your move.

Step 1

Gather all of your electronics user guides or instruction manuals and see if it has any special

moving instructions. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can try searching the

manufacturer’s websites for an online version.

Step 2

If you are moving equipment that has toner or ink cartridges, take it out and place it in a

sealable bag. Make sure this bag is packed in the same box as the piece it was removed from.

Take out any CD’s, DVD’s, or other media from their respective players. Make sure they are

packed separately and carefully.

Step 3

If you happen to have the original packaging of any appliance, use it. If you don’t have it, use

electronic specialty boxes. These are usually provided by Union City NJ moving companies.

You can also get these boxes from the at little or no cost.

If you find any specialty boxes, use double walled boxes that are slightly larger than the

electronic you are moving.

Step 4

Buy and use small colored labels that you can write on and place on connection ports. Round

circles are ideal for labelling such ports.

Step 5

Don’t remove any wires or plugs without first marking it’s respective colored labels. The ports

and cables should be color coded so that you can reconnect them very quickly and easily.

Alternately, you can use number or letter codes so long as the ports and cables match.

Step 6

For added protection, take step by step notes on how you are taking your electronics apart and

refer to each one as you are reassembling them. Make sure that these notes are within their

respective equipment box.

Step 7

Once all cables and wires are disconnected, keep them from unravelling with twist ties and

place in ziploc bags. Tape these bags within the same boxes.

Step 8

Whenever you are packing electronics, only use antistatic packing bubbles. You must not use

anything that can conduct electricity.

Step 9

Remove everything that can be disconnected and keep each piece wrapped separately in

antistatic bubble wrap. Secure the ends with tape.

Step 10

Place several rows of antistatic bubble wrap for lining the bottoms of each box.

Step 11

Place bigger pieces in the bottom and smaller pieces pieces on top.

Step 12

All remaining gaps and empty spaces should be covered with antistatic packing material.

Nothing should shake or rattle while moving.

Step 13

Seal the box properly and tightly. Mark which end is up and be sure to clearly label the contents

and which room it should go in.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need:

● instruction manuals

● Original boxes or specialty boxes

● Antistatic packing bubble wrap

● Small color coded labels

● Markers

● Twist ties

● Ziploc bags

● Packing tape

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